EVP: The Dead Speak - A Funeral Ghost

I wanted to post this story and video to see what others thought. This story is about a funeral where I was a pall bearer, on 09/17/2008. This was a relative that had past. I know, I know, before anyone reads me the riot act, I shouldn't have recorded at this place. However, my moniker is EVP Researcher. How could I resist?
Please listen to the clip. I put this on three times. One is the raw clip. The second one is FFT Filtered and Amped. The third one is Filtered Amped and Slowed down. Note the slowed down version sounds deep, that is just the effect of the slowing down process. I would like to state one thing about this clip before anyone asks. The voice does not sound like the relative that had past. Also, this recording takes place during the sermon prior to leaving for the cemetery. The minister was male and there is a distinct difference between his voice and this one. Nobody around me talked during the service (or anywhere in the room, for that matter, except the minister. I would like to start a discussion on this one.)
Do you think we attend our own funeral? The funeral home is very old, one hundred years plus, for sure. This home has been a funeral home since before I was born, so at least 39 years. Give me your thoughts!

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