EVP Research - Voices of the Dead

"What is EVP/ITC?
Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the term traditionally used to describe unexpected sounds or voices sometimes found on recording media. EVP initially involved audio tape recorders, but in later years, virtually any recording medium became a vehicle for phenomena. The term Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) came into being to describe these expanded modes of audio- and video-format communication. Other acronyms used in the literature include Electronic Disturbance Phenomena (EDP) and Trans-Dimensional Communication (TDC)." (From the AA-EVP Website)


I am an EVP Researcher. I became interested in this when I accidentally heard a "Voice" on a recording that I made. Since that time (long ago), Myself and a team of others have been working on ways to communicate with those that have passed on, and tried to improve the recording techniques used to "Capture" these voices. I am interested in hearing any EVP's that others may have recorded. I, like so many others, am trying to understand what comes after this life. Check out my EVP example.

Please send me any of your "Interesting" recordings, and I can exchange some of mine as well. I want this to be an exchange for Scientific purposes only. No hoaxes or jokes, please.

My Website: http://www.spectercom.com/

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